The Total Cost of Dental Implants For You

Looking at the real possibility that you might be having to have your natural teeth pulled, and thinking about what you are going to be using to replace those teeth that are soon to be missing? This is an all too common occurrence for people who may have dealt with some tooth decay or other oral health issues that may be doing damage to their teeth, but on the bright side, you do have options for replacements when your teeth are removed.

Whether you are only losing a single tooth that you will be planning to replace or planning on how you will go about replacing all of your teeth if they all need to be pulled, you will find that dental implants will be one of the options you will hear about the most. What can you expect to pay for them, though?

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How Many Will You Need?

If you choose dental implants as your natural teeth replacements, then you might be wondering how much you can expect to pay when the time comes. You should be keeping in mind that dental implants are not cheap by any means, being a good deal more expensive than their alternatives (dentures).

However, if you want a natural tooth replacement that feels and behaves like your natural teeth, then there will be no better investment for you than implants. Here is what you can expect to pay, depending on how many implants you plan to get:

A single implant: One dental implant will cost you, on average, between $3000-$5000.

A mouthful of implants: If you are aiming to replace all of your natural teeth with implants, it is going to be a bit more of a costly proposition. You could end up paying $68,000 to have your entire mouth done in implants, so keep this in mind.

If you have the budget to handle it and have decided that you would like to go with dental implants, even if to replace all of your teeth, don’t hesitate. Just get in touch with full mouth dental implants tampa professionals to get started on planning your implant procedure today.